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Stillmans in Museums

Columbia University

The Ary Stillman Green Room, Moores School
of Music,
The University of Houston

Temple Emanu El, Houston, TX

Beth Shalom,
Sioux City, IA


Private Collections

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Calligraphic Arabesque Corner of a Space Laboratory Fantasy in Blue & Gold
Calligraphic Arabesque
Acrylic on canvas
Corner of a Space Laboratory
1950 and c. 1963
oil and acrylic on canvas
Fantasy in Blue and Gold, c.
1950s and 1964
oil and acrylic on canvas
Gold & Blue Rhythm in Gray Tapestry No. 1

Gold and Blue
Oil on canvas

Rhythm in Gray
Oil on canvas
Tapestry No. 1,
 Indian Fantasy
oil on canvas

The Five Spirits
acrylic on canvas

Untitled (Houston-Cuernavaca No. 60)
c. 1950s and 1960s
oil and acrylic on canvas

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