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These Reminiscences, written in 1969, were originally intended to remain among the papers of The Stillman-Lack Foundation, to be brought out at some future time, when I would not be on hand, and when family, friends and the public would be asking for details about the life of Ary Stillman. However, recent events have made me reconsider. For one thing, the story connected with Ary's painting "The Kitchen" aroused much interest, and a demand for more. Then a niece of Ary's wrote that, on seeing some of Ary's paintings, her friends were eager to hear about the artist. "Where shall I begin, Aunt Frances?" she asked. Thereupon I decided that those who might be interested in Ary Stillman should learn about him now, not at some future date.

A word about the last chapter. These pages were originally included in my 1952 European diary rather than in the Reminiscences. However, they seem to me to be a necessary part of the whole picture of Ary Stillman, perhaps the most important part of all.

bullet Foreword
bullet Grandfather     Dictated by Ary
bullet The Village     Dictated by Ary
bullet Supplement to the Village
bullet Vilna     Dictated by Ary
bullet Supplemet to Vilna
bullet Coming to the United States     Dictated by Ary
bullet Back of the Store     Dictated by Ary
bullet Omaha     Dictated by Ary
bullet Ary in New York - 1919
bullet Ary in Paris
bullet Ary Comes Back to the United States
bullet Ary's Marriage
bullet Summer Cottage in Harmon
bullet The Studio on Fifty-Ninth Street
bullet We Return to Paris
bullet Cuernavaca-Houston
bullet Ary and Music
bullet Ary and the English Language
bullet Ary Stillman - Thoughts on Painting

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