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P R I N T S  -  L I T H O G R A P H S  &  W O O D C U T S  ( 1 9 5 0  &  1 9 5 3 )

Margaret Lowengrund, in 1950, persuaded Ary to join a group of painters who gathered together with the idea of making lithographs. There were 7 painters —Ary, Sue Fuller, Boris John von Wicht, Hans Moller, Will Barnet and Margaret herself. Only she and Will Barnet had had any experience with lithographs. Ary tried it a few months, and made two stones. However it didn't interest him and he soon gave it up.

The 7 painters above had a show of lithographs at the Jacques Seligmann Gallery in December 1950; the group was called "Painter-Printers." Ary exhibited his two lithographs. One of these was also included in the 35th Annual Exhibition of American Etchers, Gravers, Lithographers and Woodcutters at the Kennedy Galleries, February 1951. Art News reported:

"...Ary Stillman contributes modulated abstractions in blue tonalities that combines amorphous forms with mottled textures. The color imposition is expert and imaginative and has produced a most satisfying stone."

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Arabesque #4 LithographLithograph Arabesque LithographLithograph Abstract Print
Arabesque #4
Abstract Print L1

Abstract Print Abstract Print Arabesque #2 Lithograph
Abstract Print L1, #5/3 Abstract Print L1, #5/5 Arabesque #2

Ary's experience in making woodcuts lasted only a few months probably during the winter of 1953. See "Reminiscences" for more about woodcuts.

Woodcut Woodcut Woodcut
Woodcut #10, 2/2 Woodcut #14, 3/3 Woodcut #3, 3/1

Woodcut Woodcut Woodcut
Woodcut #13, 2/2 Woodcut #11, 4/3 Woodcut #11, 4/1

Woodcut Woodcut Woodcut
Woodcut #2, 2/1 Woodcut #6, 8/1 Woodcut #17, 2/1

Woodcut Woodcut Woodcut
Woodcut #17, 2/2 Woodcut #5, 7/5 Woodcut #5, 1/3

Woodcut Woodcut Woodcut
Woodcut #8, 4/3 Woodcut #12, 2/1 Woodcut #15, 2/2

Woodcut Woodcut Woodcut
Woodcut #4, 3/1 Woodcut #16, 1/1 Woodcut #9, 3/2

Woodcut #6

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